Managed Services

In conjunction with Mini-Marquees Ltd, for clients who wish to own and use marquees on a regular basis but do not wish to take logistical responsibility for them, a Managed Service is offered by Mini Marquee Hire Burton-on-Trent.

How does it work?
You purchase the Marquee fabric, in your choice of colours, along with any printing you require. This all gets stored by Mini Marquees.

You provide a list of the events at which the unit is needed, MM Hire Nottingham hire you the Marquee Framework and accessories, deliver the unit to the show on build up day, assembles the stand, then after the show, dismantles the stand, brings it back to our storage unit.

Once back at base the entire unit gets cleaned and checked for any damage, then stored away until the next show.

Benefits of Managed Services?

No Health & Safety Issues – Using our fully trained expert staff eliminates any additional training requirements as well as removes the risks associated with manual handing and lifting heavy objects and specialist equipment.

Reliability – The team at here pride our selves on our reputation as The Worlds Number 1 Promotional Marquee Manufacturers. We aim to ensure the stands are up at the required time and date and in pristine condition every time. we will not let you down.

No Hassle – your staff can turn up on site on the 1st morning of the show / event and start work straight away, No stand building, tidying etc. Simply arrive and focus on the job in hand. As the show finishes the staff can simply leave the stand for our team to collect.

No Storage – Storage costs money, sometimes big money, this is not the case with Mini Marquees. Sign up to our managed services and the storage of the Mini Marquee is Free!


If this service is of interest please contact us